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What Our Clients Say

“Ayodeji is a brilliant teacher. Initially, I was hesitant to pay for his services because coming from a low-income country it was a huge sum of money to spend. Guess what? I gained it back within three months. He’s incredibly humble and during our call, he even helped me understand my pain points and gave me actionable advice that helped me elevate my writing big time. That writing led to making money, quitting my job, and creating multiple income streams – in 9 months. Last year, I earned 145% more than my corporate salary. My work gave me a 5% hike whereas I gave myself a much larger one. It all started from my conversation with him. If you want to elevate your life (and there’s just one chance that you get at living), he is your man.”

Niharika Kaur Sodhi


“Ayo’s course is a fantastic route for aspiring professional writers. It covers all the necessary checkpoints to elevate your career. I particularly enjoyed his sections on editing, title craft, and the nod strategy. Even though I’ve been writing professionally for years, I learned a number of new things and am now rethinking my approach to content. Writing can be a highly intimidating craft when you are first starting out. I’ve long advised creatives should invest in themselves. Taking a course like Ayo’s will help you immensely. He’s shown me some of the outcomes of his students. They are making real money and performing great.”

Sean Kernan


“Ayo was one of the first writers I followed and learned from on Medium. I’ve always admired his no-bs style and learned A LOT through his teachings. If you’re thinking about working with Ayo, you need to be ready for change and massive action because he goes all-in to share his wisdom and experience with new writers. Instead of making false promises and sharing half-backed advice, he’ll get to the point quickly and teach you exactly how to write for an audience of millions of people.”

Sinem Gunel


“There are writers who publish online. Then there are writers that change the way people think. Ayo is in the second category. He has created a cult-like audience through honest words that challenge your narrative of the world. His success is the result of a daily writing habit. Ayo taught me to write ten headlines per day and not let critics take me down. It’s also a pretty big secret that Ayo has made a lot of money from his writing. He’s not a flashy guy, but to make the dollars he has shows his talent. I choose to learn from people who have proof-of-work. That’s creators like Ayo – and they’re bloody rare!”

Tim Denning