Do any of the items below sound like you?

  • You want to write, but you have no idea where to start
  • You want to write, but you don’t know what to write about
  • You want to write, but you get stuck with writer’s block, procrastination, and self-doubt

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always sort of had the itch to write. You can’t explain why you want to express yourself with words, you just do.

Maybe you’ve said to yourself, “I want to start a blog,” or “I want to write a book someday.”

You can do this. I will help you. Take the first step today.

You imagine how cool it’d be to
be a published author with tons of fans

but there’s something in your way of reaching that goal.

There’s so much information online about how to start writing. You read a few blog posts about writing your first book or starting a popular blog. They’re somewhat useful, but they still don’t guide you in the right direction.

You feel lost. You wish a genie would tell you exactly what to write about, how to make money from it, and how to stay motivated enough to follow through. Maybe you do write, but it’s on & off, here & there, or once in a while.

  • You have all of the amazing ideas in your head, but when it comes to getting them out of your head and onto the page, you fall short.
  • Life gets in the way. You’ve been meaning to write more, but you keep putting it off because you don’t have enough time to write.
  • You get a case of writer’s block, or when you do write, the words on the page don’t match the ideas in your head.
  • Most people’s writing dreams go unrealized — the blog
    gets ditched, the book never gets published, the words stay locked inside.
  • You start, but can’t finish. You figure your work is never good enough, so you never share it with the world.
  • I want to help you be different. I want to help you follow through and start that blog, write that book, and build the writing career you’ve always dreamed of.

My name is Ayo and I write...

I’m the author of the Amazon bestselling book, The Destiny Formula. I’m also a writing coach and freelancer.

My reason for starting this website is simple: I want to help you become a popular published author and build a career around your writing.

Work with me and I’ll show you:

  • How to start a blog (the right way) and get thousands of
    people to visit it
  • How to keep yourself motivated to write often enough to
    build a writing career
  • How to write a book and get hundreds or thousands of
    people to buy it
  • How to create income outside of book sales alone

You can do this. I will help you. Take the first step today.

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Lots of people say they want to become successful writers, but only the people who take action will become successful writers.

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