Tools & Resources

If you want to be a top writer, you need to have the right tools. All the tools I’m about to share are tools I personally use. These tools can help you improve your writing skills, build your audience, and monetize your writing.


Converkit is an email marketing software you can use to build your audience on line with an email list. It’s the best software available, so just use it.

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Hypefury helps you schedule posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. It also has features that help you build your social media audience faster like auto RTs and auto DMs

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Tweet Hunter

Tweet hunter is another Tweet scheduling tool that helps you learn how to write viral tweets by helping you find top Tweets in your niche for isnpirastion

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Bluehost is a great website hosting option for new writers. Read this guide that shows you how to start a new blog FAST.

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Grammarly doesn’t just help you fix typos. It comes with useful suggestions to make your writing 10X better

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