5 Compelling Reasons to Write and Publish a Book

Self-publishing has leveled the playing field and given writers a chance who wouldn’t have had one before.

Much of the stigma around self-publishing is gone too, and there are authors making a real impact and an income with their words.

I took a course on self-publishing, and since then I’ve written two books. I also have plans for multiple books to come in the future. Now, I’m positive I’ll continue writing them for the rest of my life, all the while becoming a better writer.

If you’re on the fence about writing your first book, here’s why you should do it.


Regardless of how well your book does, writing one is an accomplishment. When you tell people you’ve written a book, they’ll get a “wow,” look in their eyes.

You’ll be able to look back at a piece of work you crafted hold onto it forever.

If you follow through with publishing a book, you won’t be scared to take on new opportunities. In terms of self-esteem boosters, publishing your own book might be at the top of the list.


Everybody seems to have their own personal brand these days. Building a body of work to showcase your talents goes a long way when it comes to your career or your business.

We live in a public world where everyone has a public persona to maintain. Writing a book adds credibility to your name and makes you seem more competent or intelligent.

Some people say books are the new business cards.

If you have a startup, a book could put your business on the map. If you want to grow your clout and influence as a writer, a book will surely help you do that.

Content marketing and online branding are weaving their way into the fabric of professionalism in every knowledge industry. A book signals knowledge and adds credibility to anyone who writes one.


As a unique individual, you have something unique to add to the conversation.

If you have the slightest itch to write a book, it means you’re filled with ideas that can help other people. Instead of thinking about sharing your ideas as a luxury, think of it as a duty or necessity.

Les Brown once said most businesses, books, and great ideas can be “found in the graveyard,” because people never took a chance on themselves before they went six feet under.

If 81 percent of people want to write a book and less than one percent does, there are tons of pent-up ideas that need to be expressed.

The landscape we’re in offers the opportunity to express them. If nothing else, you should write a book as a cathartic exercise to get the weight of your ideas off your chest.


Now I’m not going to be one of those people who promises you’ll make “six figures in six months,” if you start publishing books, but books create platforms to make an income in several ways.

Books can lead to:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Consulting work
  • Creation and sale of online courses
  • Affiliate marketing opportunities
  • Freelance work or client work for a service based business

Most self-published authors write one book, fail to market it well and get upset when they aren’t instant millionaires.

This is the wrong way go about publishing a book. When you look at your book as an opportunity to expand into other areas, you can craft something people want to read and use it to jumpstart your career.

Lack of Difficulty

Writing and publishing a book is easier than its ever been. Should you just slap together some words, pay a college art intern to design a crappy cover, and throw your book on Amazon?

No. Hell, no.

But with a bit of patience, you can come up with a quality book people will want to read.

The internet gives you access to top professionals who perform services like editing and design, many of which used to work at major publishing houses.

The new connection economy decentralized the talent pool, making all the necessary resources available to anyone who wants to write and publish a book the right way. 

How to Start Your Publishing Journey

A little over a year ago, I took a course called Self-Publishing School by Chandler Bolt. Since then, I’ve written two books and made thousands of dollars with nothing more than my words.

Will you get rich overnight following Chandler’s techniques? No, but he does provide a proven and foolproof path to writing and publishing your first book, along with techniques to help you turn your book into a business.

He’s giving away a free copy of his best-selling book, Published, away for free for the next few days. You can check it out here.

If you’re the least bit interested in writing and publishing a book, check out the link above.

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By Ayodeji